Thursday, June 25, 2009

Opera Is The Browser to Sample Music

Ok,  i found it pretty  easy  to  combine google,  myspace and opera into the machine to try - out a new Rock Band.  

Opera has the customisable  search  feature.

Google has a nice search  and a brilliant "feeling  lucky"  feature.

Myspace has nice feature of playing  sample songs of the musician if you  are on his page.

So  let's try  to do  it  with bare hands first.

let's craft  an  URL to show us a myspace page of great  Finnish  Melodic Death Metal  band


Aha,  found one. but  to directly  navigate to  that  page  we need  to  use "feeling  lucky" feature .

No problems. Let's add  a new variable to  the URL.

It works ,  we go stright to the page and can  listening  to  music without pressing  a key.

Now,  let's  integrate the search into  Opera.

  1. Go to menu   tools/preferences/search tab . 
  2. Press "add" .
  3. Specify :
  • Name : myspace
  • Keyword : m
  • Address : 

It is done .

Now you  can  write in  addres field of Opera : m Insomnium and go  directly  to  the page .

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